Born in a village in the South of the Netherlands, a Bachelors in Fashion and Textile design followed by a Masters in Paris and Bruxelles. Worked as a full time Fashion Designer for brands and retailers like Promiss, Ziggy, Starstyle, Denim Heroes and several Private labels.
An amazing opportunity to work as a designer for an NGO took me to Asia where I worked with traditional fabrics and crafts people, turning their designs into sellable products for modern Markets.
16 years later, 4 Asian countries called home, a husband, a dog and 2 gorgeous kids in tow I have now settled in Kuala Lumpur from where I design Prints and Patterns.
For my designs I use a variety of techniques from hand drawing, to painting, handprinting to manipulating photos I take. 
If you are interested in my print and pattern style to use for fabric, wall or wrapping paper or any other product, or simply like my work and would like to see the rest of my portfolio please get in touch.